°°°°Golden delicious food(Fujian)Co., LTD£¨Is a wholly foreign owned enterprise£¨Is a with soy sauce°ĘAs the leading r&d vinegar production°ĘProduction°ĘThe spice of export of large enterprises°£
°°°°The company is located in the famous overseas Chinese hometown°™°™Jinjiang city of fujian province five industrial zone°£Over the years pay attention to and improve the construction of food safety£¨The introduction of foreign advanced production line£¨Equipped with high-tech food inspection equipment£¨The main production°ĘThe business°įGold crown°ĪBrand of soy sauce°ĘVinegar°ĘSauce°ĘSauce°ĘSeasoning powder°ĘCooking wine°ĘEdible oil and other condiments series200Multiple item specification£¨The northeast high-quality soybeans£¨Use of minnan coastal moderate climate£¨High salt ene state combined with the traditional process of natural brew£¨Unique process£¨Colour and lustre is rich£¨Fish taste sweet£¨Is a good helper of food flavor°£

Golden delicious food(Fujian)Co., LTD

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